Saving your design

You are currently not logged in. To be able to save designs you need to be logged in. You will be redirected to the login page after clicking on Save design. After logging in / account creation you will be redirected back to your current design so that you can continue working on your current design.

You need to provide a display name for your saved design. This name is shown on the Saved designs page so that you can easily find it on future visits.

You can provide a new design name to store this version under a different name. This new version can then be found on your Saved designs page as well.

After saving, your saved design can be found under Saved designs on your account page.

Caja tapa corredera + grabado láser

Regístrate para autorizar tu alta de cliente para ver precios y realizar pedidos.

Caja madera pino para copias 15×20

Notas del producto:

Este producto se envian las copias al dropbox y el grabado láser en el botón «Personalizar»


Caja madera pino para copias 15×20